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Ecology and Conservation of Marine Mammals 
University of La Rochelle

Conference 2008


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for the conservation of Marine Mammals


France’s Exclusive Economic Zone is home to about half of the world marine mammal species, which places its responsability in the field of marine mammal knowledge and conservation. Most of this diversity is due to the extend and the bio-geographical variety of its over-seas territories; nonetheless waters around mainland France are also of importance in terms of diversity and abundance of marine mammals.

Nowadays, the sustainable development of human activities at sea implies the management of protected species in exploited ecosystems. Since human activities at sea are of increasing social and economic importance (fishery, prospection and extraction, transport, tourism, military uses), incorporating conservation objectives into their management requires ever better scientific knowledge. The science of conservation includes assessing population and habitat conservation status, quantifying processes involved in the interactions with human activities and modeling the effect of different management strategies, in the aim of elaborating recommendations to stakeholders. Finally, the regular assessment of marine mammal population conservation status is needed to adapt existing conservation strategies on the basis of the measurement of their actual effects.

In terms of expertise, our group is involved in the actions of public agencies in charge of the management of marine environment from the local operational level to the international more political level. One can distinguish actions relevant to the general conservation regime of marine mammals, actions based on the establishment of marine conservation areas and actions dedicated to developing specific mitigation measures aimed at reducing the effects of human activities on marine mammals.


Providing the scientific basis for the establisment of an MPA

IWC and Others Conventions

Providing scientific support to national agencies

GIS Seals

Charted synthesis of the seal populations along the french coast

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